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Anette Vandsø


Associate Professor, ph.d.

Primary affiliation

Anette Vandsø

Areas of expertise

  • Environmental art
  • Sonic citizenship
  • aesthetics
  • sound art
  • Acoustic ecology

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Anette Vandsø is an assistant professor of Aesthetics and Culture at Aarhus University in Denmark, whose work draws on art, cultura, media and environmental theories to examine how aesthetic experiences reflect and impact larger societal and cultural contexts. What is the impact of art in times of trouble?

She is expert in sound art, anthropocene and plantbased art, acoustic ecology and environmental humanities.   

 In her most recent projects Hidden Plant Stories and The Garden: The Aesthetic Reconfiguration of Nature, she explores ecology, materiality, and art in the context of (Pl)anthropocene issues, with exhibitions at ARoS, Den Hirschsprungske Samling and Ordrupgaard. Vandsø has edited three peer reviewed volumes on these matters: Tomorrow is the Question (2018), Mythologies (2020) and The Garden: The Beginning and End of Times (2017)all as peer reviewed texts within the context of art catalogues. The latters with contributions from scholars such as Bruno Latour, T.j. Demos and W.J.T. Mitchell. Her earlier project A World in Sound supported by the prestegious Danish Sapere Aude Elite research program focussed on contemporary sound artists’ use of technologies of listening as a way of staying with current troublesome issues such as attention economy, digital culture or environmental issues.  Vandsø’s ph.d. project (published Musik som værk og handling) developed a performative (sonic) work concept that still informs her current research.

She is currently co-director of the research programme in Environmental Media and Aesthetics at Aarhus University and member and supporting head of Center for Sound Studies

Teaching activities

I teach and supervise broadly within aesthetics, cultural, art, and media theory. 

I often give guest lectures on my research; On sound art and sonic citizenship. On climate art, the Anthropocene, plant and post-nature in art.



Jeg holder af at bruge min æstetik og kulturfaglighed i praksis. Jeg har ved flere lejligheder arbejdet med at professionalisere ensembler og foreninger for ny musik, jeg har siddet i Dansk Komponistforenings fordelingspulje. Som leder af Center for Sound Studies har jeg arbejdet for at etablere et center for lyd og lyttekultur sammen med Nationalmuseet og Struer Museum  i Struer Lydby. Jeg har senest været udlånt til kunstmuseet ARoS for at arbejde strategisk med museets forsknings- og samlingsstrategi.  

Selected publications

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