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Guest lecture: Constructing Movie Dialogue: Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction

Mark Axelrod (Chapman University, California)

06.11.2018 | Martin Munk Stigaard

Dato ons 21 nov
Tid 15:15 16:30
Sted Building 1481, Room 237, Nobelparken


Wednesday 21 November Building 1481, Room 237, Nobelparken 15:15 – 16:30 All Welcome

Poster (PDF)

Dialogue writing may be the most important dimension of screenwriting; it is also probably the least emphasized aspect. While there are many reasons for the lack of attention the process has received, there are specific, reliable techniques for the production of quality dialogue in film. In this guest lecture, visiting Fulbright Specialist Professor Mark Axelrod focuses on Quentin Tarantino’s well-known and award-winning Pulp Fiction (1994), a film noted for its use of dialogue. He discusses techniques of dialogue writing using examples from the final cut of the film (......) Mark Axelrod is Professor of Comparative Literature at the Department of English, Chapman University, Orange, California, where he is Director of the John Fowles Center for Creative Writing. He is the author of over twenty works of fiction, and his collected plays, Superman In America and Other Absurd Plays, was published in 2017.

Professor Axelrod is also a practicing screenwriter and has won numerous awards for his writing from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and the Sundance Institute, amongst others. He has run screenwriting seminars and workshops across Latin America, the United States and Europe, including a stint at the National Film School of Denmark, Copenhagen. His books on cinema include Aspects of the Screenplay (2001); Character & Conflict: Cornerstones of Screenwriting (2004); I Read It at the Movies: Screen Adaptation (2006) and Constructing Dialogue: From Citizen Kane to Midnight in Paris (2013).

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