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Seminar / PhD course Master Class: Intercultural competences for language and translation

Guest professor: David Katan (University of Salento)

25.05.2018 | Martin Munk Stigaard

Dato tor 28 jun
Tid 10:00 16:30
Sted Building 1481, room 366
Tilmelding er lukket


Date: June 28, 2018

10.00 -13.00: Seminar/PhD course

13.00 - 14.00: Lunch

14.00 -16.30: Master Class


Seminar/PhD course description:

In this seminar we will focus on the concept of competences and investigate those which may be called 'intercultural competences' (IC), both in general (hence  valid for all language  learning  situations and also for the world  of work) as well those specifically necessary for translators. IC may be best understood as a 'competence for incompetence', necessary  when   communication   takes place out of one's comfort zone, and where meaning is not transparent.

In the classroom many competences cannot be 'taught', how­ ever experiential exercises can raise awareness to more mindful modes of perception, interpretation and evaluation. We will roleplay two examples, one focusing on verbal communication, and. one on written communication.

The talk will close with a focus on the more specific intercultural competencies necessary for translators and  interpreters,  with an idealized university training path covering 6  stages:

1. Own/other cultural locatedness (Models of the world, universal filtering)

2. Linguaculture (Rich points)

3. Cultural grammar (Orientations)

4. Mindshifting (Perceptual positions)

5. Mediation (Translation procedures/strategies)

6. Openness to  difference (Low uncertainty avoidance)


Master class:

Following the seminar, a Master Class will take place, where 2-3 PhD students will present their projects and receive feedback from the guest speaker.


PhD students attending both the seminar and the Master Class will obtain 1 ECTS.

PhD students attending the seminar and presenting their own project will obtain 2 ECTS.


•      PhD students: https:phdcourses.dk/Course/62103

•      MA/BA students and other interested scholars: send an e­mail to  analeallobato@cc.au.dk

Deadline for registration: June 10th.

Other info:

•      Max. 20 participants. First come, first served.

•      A certificate of attendance will be provided to all participants upon request.

•      Lunch is included.

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