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Irish Cinema - Movie night.

Part of the CISA Spring Seminar series.

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Onsdag 22. marts 2017,  kl. 16:30 - 19:30


Nobelsalen, Building 1485, room 123



Next on the agenda in our seminar series, is a movie night! We will be screening the film Calvary by Irish director John Michael McDonagh, and fear not there will be a good supply of popcorn to accompany the film!

Along with the screening, Stephen Joyce will give a talk on Irish cinema in general and ‘Calvary’ more specifically. It will all take place on 22 March, in ‘Nobelsalen’: building 1485, room 123 at 16.30! 

The film takes of as a man who has suffered sexual abuse during his childhood by a member of the Catholic Clergy threatens the good-natured priest Father James during a confession. During the week that follows Father James struggles with what to do about the threat, while going about his priestly duties, guiding and counselling his parishioners in a small Irish Village through difficult times.

The film debates the role of religion in contemporary society, and such topics as sin, redemption and abuse but it also brings to the screen a humorous tone: ‘it deals with a lot of different subjects but it’s done by meeting one sort of idiosyncratic, strange character after another like in a Sturges screwball comedy’ the director John McDonagh says.

The film stars Brendan Gleeson (In Bruges, Harry Potter) who won both a British independent film award and the Irish film & television award for his portrayal of Father James, along with Kelly Reilly (True Detective, Sherlock Homes) and Chris O’Dowd (Girls, Bridesmaids).

This event is the second in our CISA seminar series, comprising a total of five seminars all fueled by snacks and discussions. Our next seminar will by on 28 March when renowned professor Graham Dawson will visit us from Brighton to discuss his book ‘The northern Ireland Troubles in Britain.’