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Digital Music Socialities

Cultural Transformations Event

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Torsdag 11. november 2021,  kl. 13:00 - 19:00


Building 1441, Room 112 (AUD 2). Tåsingegade, 8000 Aarhus C

Participation: Please register with Mads Krogh (musmk@cc.au.dk).
Possibility for online participation via Zoom (link upon registration).

Music has always been a multiply-mediated and social phenomenon. Nevertheless, the comprehensive digitization of recent decades calls for a questioning of established notions of musical interaction and collectivities and for enquiries into what is – or isn’t – new. For example, how are digital media affecting musical socialities in the realm of production, distribution or consumption? How might we account for the impact of digital agents – e.g. AI, algorithms – on established forms of musicking or understandings of musical life? What collectivities are engendered by accelerating web-based connectivity, proliferating digital platforms or computerized infrastructures? How might established ideas of musical community or communalities – according to e.g. scene, style, genre, ethnicity, institution, activity etc. – be (re)thought to fit shifting planes of digital music sociality and what might this mean for music sociology? These and other questions form the basis of this one-day seminar at Aarhus University contemplating digital music socialities.