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Introducing Impact Tours as part of ECREA 2022

As a part of the cultural and social program of ECREA 2022, we invite researchers and scholars to sign up for ‘Impact Tours’. The tours are arranged and hosted by the Department of Media and Journalism in collaboration with partners in the city of Aarhus.

To embrace this year’s theme “Rethink Impact”, we are excited to introduce a series of Impact Tours as a part of ECREA 2022. The Impact Tours will give attendees of the conference a unique chance to experience how partners in Aarhus make a difference in society and thereby how they create and rethink impact. 

A range of different Impact Tours will be offered, but most of them have a limited number of seats. You can stay updated at our official conference website, where all tours will be announced at the beginning of May. Sign-up options will be available by the end of May as part of the registration system. 

We are looking forward to introducing the different Impact Tours and our partners.