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Guest professor - Julia Leyda

Julia Leyda from The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) visited the Department of Media Studies and Journalism at Aarhus University for two months this summer as a guest professor.

A Cultural Studies Approach to Media
Julia Leyda is originally from New Orleans, USA, and got her BA in German and English at Louisiana State University, and her MA and Ph.D in English from the University of Washington in Seattle. 

In her work, Julia takes mostly a cultural studies approach to media, including fiction film and TV. Much of her recent work intersects with environmental humanities and blurs the boundaries of those disciplines in various ways.

The Goal of the Visit
Julia visited the department to meet and collaborate with colleagues who work in the same fields of study as herself. This includes film and television studies, environmental humanities, and intersectional feminist studies. The visit was also about getting to know more about the department, and thinking ahead to future collaboration. 

During her visit, Julia Leyda finalized and submitted her book manuscript Anthroposcreens: Mediating the Climate Unconscious, in the Elements in Environmental Humanities series at Cambridge University Press. She also co-authored an article on the “petromenopause” in Borgen: Power & Glory with Anne Marit Waade.

Working with like-minded Colleagues
As a guest professor at the department of Media and Journalism at Aarhus University, Julia enjoyed the chance to be around and work with colleagues who have similar interests and study fields.

“I loved visiting Aarhus University because I work a lot on television in a department that is mostly (wonderful) film scholars. So it was fun to be around colleagues doing different things with media studies, in some ways closer to my own work.”

All together Julia conveyed that she got a lot out of her visit and plans to continue working with the colleagues she met at AU.