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Past Events

New Sounds 2016: 8th International Conference on Second-Language Speech

10 Jun
3 days, Friday 10 June 2016, at 09:00 - 12 June

10-12 June 2016: New Sounds gathers researchers from all over the world to discuss issues related to the teaching and learning of second/foreign language (L2) phonetics, phonology, and pronunciation.

Lunch talk with authors Svend Åge Madsen and Søren Jessen

8 Jun
7 days, Wednesday 8 June 2016, at 12:00 - 14 June

The two Aarhus-based authors, Svend Åge Madsen and Søren Jessen, visit Posthuman Aesthetics for a talk on robots, new humans, and the role of the future in literature

Television in Small Nations network, 3rd workshop: Sustaining talent in small nations

1 Jun
3 days, Wednesday 1 June 2016, at 10:00 - 3 June

Funded by the UK Arts & Humanities Research Council. Please contact Anne Marit Waade at amwaade@cc.au.dk if you wish to participate.

Betweeen paper and pixels 2016

19 May
2 days, Thursday 19 May 2016, at 09:00 - 20 May

The literary field is in a state of transition. Radical developments in the media ecology throughout the last decades (not least the digital revolution) have resulted in new possibilities and challenges for authors, readers and publishers. Through centuries, literature’s status as a written and book-borne art form has been taken for granted, but…