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Sound Art – Art and Sound

Seminar by the Center for Sound Studies and the Nordic Network for Research in Sound Art.

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Friday 19 May 2017,  at 12:00 - 15:00

We are happy to invite you to a day discussing Sound Art with ph.d. scholars Vadim Keylin, Simon Roy from Aarhus University and  Rafael Cañete Fernández Barcelona/Cph. After the presentations we can visit Art Weekend Aarhus.


12:00 Welcome, short round of presentations

12:10 Rafael Fernandez: “Immersion using sound in contemporary art”

12:50 Vadim Keylin: “Aesthetics and Politics of Participation in Sound Art”

13:40 Simon Roy: ‘Form is Emptiness, Emptiness is Form’ – Silence as Form in Japanese Sound Art


Everyone is welcome. Please send an email to Vadim at: vkeylin@cc.au.dk and let us know if you are coming.

During the day there will be coffee and tea.

Best wishes,

Vadim Keylin and Anette Vandsø

Rafael Cañete is an artist and a PhD. student at the Art History Department, University of Barcelona, based in Copenhagen. He holds a master in Music as an Interdisciplinary Art and a bachelor degree in Fine Arts. He has researched around Baschet brothers soundsculptures in Laboratori d’Art Sonor (Soundart lab, University of Barcelona) working with institutions like Music Museum of Barcelona and GARAGE Museum of Contemporary Art of Moscow. As an artist, he has made installations mixing sound, music and narratives and concerts from experimental music to traditional Balinese Gamelan music.

“My field of research studies the phenomena of immersion through sound in contemporary art. I am interested in immersion using sound technologies that creates realistic sound spaces and immersion through narrative, storytelling and voice. In my research, I understand sound as a media with the capacity to create hyperreal aesthetic experiences that challenge our understanding of reality. This idea appears in some artworks from the late 80’s and is in a constant development.

I have also experience in soundsculpture and the design of acoustic sounds without any kind of electronics or electrical amplification.”

Vadim Keylin is a Russian-born, Aarhus-based sound art scholar and sound artist. He is currently PhD student at the School of Communication and Culture, Aarhus University. Keylin’s research and art practice concerns the conditions of sound production – material, (inter)medial, social, institutional – in various genres of sound art and experimental music. He has published articles in peer-reviewed journals Organised Sound, Gli spazi della musica, Opera Musicologica and others, and presented his work at international conferences across Europe and Russia. His sound poetry performance Inner Voice from Outer Space won 3rd prize at the OpenMind media art awards in Moscow, 2011. Keylin is also active as a music critic, working in the field of contemporary classical music.

“My PhD project is titled Aesthetics and Politics of Participation in Sound Art. The issues of interactivity and participation feature prominently in the statements and works of many sound artists, however this aspect of sound art remains underexplored in scholarly literature. In my project, I investigate the modes of participation that are specific to sound art and the strategies artists employ to facilitate and condition audience engagement. I also explore the political modalities of sound art that are often understated and implied rather than explicit, and their social context.

I have previously done research on sound sculptures and experimental musical instruments” 

Simon Roy Christensen, DK works at the interface of theory and practice in the fields of aesthetics and sound art with a particular focus on intersections of Eastern and Western cultures. With a background in electronic music and several years of studies in Japan, Simon is currently engaged as a PhD student at the department of Aesthetics and Culture, Aarhus University. His research project explores forms of silence in traditional and contemporary art practices and aesthetic theory. In tandem with this academic work, Simon maintains a compositional and performative practice which includes collaborations with a number of sound artists and composers such as Léo Dupleix, Taku Sugimoto, Manfred Werder, and lo wie.

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