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Research seminar: Culture and Health

Organized by Health, Media and Narrative, a research unit in the Cultural Transformations programme at Aarhus University

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Friday 12 August 2022,  at 09:00 - 15:45


Richard Mortensen Stuen, Building 1422

  • The seminar is free, but registration (by e-mail to norlg@cc.au.dk) is required by July 6, 2022
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During the last decades we have witnessed an increasing academic and political interest in the many interfaces between culture and health, and different disciplinary fields – e.g. philosophy, aesthetics, anthropology, media and communication – are currently developing research projects and collectives dealing with the roles of culture in health.
The aim of this seminar is twofold: 1) To invite researchers and research environments from the Humanities at AU into a collective discussion on how we approach, define and explore culture, health and its many interconnections; 2) to facilitate an open and explorative dialogue with strategic partners outside the Humanities and beyond the university about future agendas and collaborative potentials linked to exploring and developing the cultural dimensions of health (e.g. Faculty of Health, Aarhus Municipality and Central Denmark Region).


Welcome by Carsten Stage (Professor, Scandinavian Studies) and Anne Marie Pahuus (Vice-Dean for Research, ARTS)

Rasmus Dyring (Associate Professor, Philosophy): “Everyday Creativity and Dementia Care”

Lasse Raaby Gammelgaard (Associate Professor, Scandinavian Studies): “Mental Illness Representation in the Graphic Memoir – Play with Narrative and Non-Narrative Configurations”

Mette Terp Høybye (Associate Professor, IMC): “Experimental Conditions – Exploring Invisible Experiences Across Medicine and Arts”

10.45-11.00: Coffee Break

Carsten Stage (Professor, Scandinavian Studies): “Shame and Chronic Illness – Exploring the Affective Complexities of Illness-related Shame through Participatory Storytelling on Social Media”

Christine Parsons (Associate Professor, IMC): “The Experience of Tracking – Technologies for Psychological Therapy”

Marie Højlund (Associate Professor, Digital Design and Information Studies): “Listening in Healthcare – the Role of Artistic and Design Research in Vulnerable Atmospheres”

12.25-13.15: Lunch

Matilde Nisbeth Brøgger (Associate Professor, English Business Communication): “Researching GP-Patient E-Mail Consultations – What’s in the Qualitative Toolbox?”

Mette Steenberg (Senior Advisor, PhD, IMC): “Empowerment – Or the Effects of Co-Creation in a Shared Reading Programme for Vulnerable Youth”

14.15-14.35 Coffee Break

Paneldiskussion (afvikles på dansk): “Kultur og sundhed – Fremtidige dagsordener og samarbejdsmuligheder”

Faciliteres af Anne Marie Pahuus (Prodekan for forskning, ARTS)
Deltagere: Anne-Mette Hvas (Dekan, Health), Andreas Roepstorff (Institutleder, Institut for Kultur og Samfund), Kim Kofod Hansen (Udviklingsdirektør, Region Midtjylland) og Maj Morgenstjerne (Kontorchef, Civilsamfund og Samskabelse, Sundhed og Omsorg, Aarhus Kommune).

Research seminar organized by Health, Media and Narrative, a research unit in the Cultural Transformations programme at Aarhus University