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PHD DEFENCE: MA Anna Solovyeva

MA Anna Solovyeva will be defending the dissertation   Skalds as Memory Specialists and Memorable Images: The Origins of Poetry and the Continuity in Skáldatal

2020.05.13 | Emma Marie Hjorth Kaalby

Date Fri 29 May
Time 13:00 16:00
Location Microsoft Teams

The defence is conducted online via Microsoft Teams and can be attended here


Assessment Committee

· Associate professor Agnes Arnórsdóttir, Department of History, Aarhus University (chair)

· Professor Elizabeth Ashman Rowe, Department Of Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic, University of Cambridge

· Professor Stephen A. Mitchell, Department of Germanic Language and Literatures, Harvard University


· Associate professor Pernille Hermann, Department of Scandinavian Studies and Experience Economy, Aarhus University

· Research Professor Gísli Sigurðsson, Árni Magnusson Institute/University of Iceland, Reykjavik

The conductor of defence proceedings is Associate Professor and Department Head Stefan Kjerkegaard.

The dissertation will be available for reading before the defence in a digital version – following a statement from the borrower promising to delete the file afterwards.

If you wish to read the dissertation, please contact anna.sol@cc.au.dk before 28 May at noon. 

The defence is scheduled for three hours and is open to the public. Everyone is welcome.

Link to poster here

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