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Operational Images and Martial Aesthetics

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Thursday 28 September 2023,  at 15:00 - 16:45


Kunsthal Aarhus, J.M. Mørks Gade 13, 8000 Aarhus C

Operational Images and Martial Aesthetics

Jussi Parikka, Anders Engberg-Pedersen, and Daniela Agostinho discuss two new books: “Operational Images” and “Martial Aesthetics”. In a conversation led by Agostinho, the authors will address some of the links between digital aesthetics and images, media culture and war, but also other forms of violence through concepts and ideas from philosophy to contemporary visual culture and art. Operational Images by Parikka stems from a multi-year research project on transformations of photography and technical visual culture drawing on Harun Farocki’s pioneering artistic work. Martial Aesthetics by Engberg-Pedersen examines the historical merger of aesthetics and warfare: it addresses how military discourses and war media from star charts, horoscopes, and the Prussian wargame to contemporary synthetic training environments and theories of military design are entangled with ideas of creativity, genius, and possible worlds in philosophy and aesthetic theory.

We recommend securing a seat on Billetto: https://billetto.dk/e/book-launch-and-discussion-operational-images-and-martial-aesthetics-billetter-862627

The event is hosted by Kunsthal Aarhus and the Digital Aesthetics Research Centre (DARC) at Aarhus University and it is co-organised with the Aesthetic Seminar series.

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Æstetisk Seminar efteråret 2023 er tilrettelagt af Nicolas Malevé og Jacob Lund, med hjælp fra Annelis Kuhlmann og Jussi Parikka på vegne af 
Institut for Kommunikation og Kultur, Aarhus Universitet.