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Impact – What it is and how to think about it in your research? A workshop with David Budtz Pedersen

CT’s summer seminar focuses on the societal impact of research: What is it, and how can we think about, describe and document the impact of our research?

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Thursday 12 August 2021,  at 13:00 - 16:30


Aarhus University, room tbc

Registration: Birgit Eriksson, aekbe@cc.au.dk

Thursday 12 August 2021, 13:00-16:30 CET

CT summer seminar: Impact – What it is and how to think about it in your research 

What is the societal impact of research and how to document your impact towards stakeholders and funding agencies? For some, the impact of research is so obvious the question doesn't need to be asked. Others need to plan in detail to optimise the impact. Most researchers are somewhere in-between. They are looking for ways to describe, advance and communicate the impacts of their research. In this workshop Prof. David Budtz Pedersen will give an introduction to impact assessment and impact planning, and drawing on concrete examples of CT-research he will provide resources to help identifying the social impacts of the Cultural Transformations research programme. The workshop provides a unique venue to share a common understanding and language around societal impact.

David Budtz Pedersen is Professor of Science Communication and Director of the Humanomics Research Centre at Aalborg University Copenhagen. His research focuses on science and innovation studies, research management and impact assessment. He frequently acts as speaker and policy adviser to international /governments and funding agencies. He is the Chair of the EU COST High-Level Expert Group on Science Communication. In 2020-2030, he is appointed Science Adviser on Algorithms, Data and Democracy by the Villum & Velux Foundations. 

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