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CANCELLED! Georgina Born (and for Chris Haworth): Internet-Mediated Musics: Aesthetics, Materialities and Social Forms

CANCELLED! Aesthetic Seminar

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Thursday 8 March 2018,  at 14:15 - 17:00

How is the internet changing how music is made and experienced? We address this question through an analysis of five internet-mediated music genres from the 90s to the present: microsound and four ‘nostalgia’ genres––hauntology, h-pop, chillwave and vaporwave. We show first how the internet has catalyzed trans-formations of their discursive, social and material mediations, and how the evolving aesthetics of the five genres respond to heightened reflexive engagements with music’s expansive materialities. We trace a reflex-ive concern with curating music’s organisational forms, so that labels take on a role as unified aesthetic sub-ject, while artists abandon any illusion of unified musical subjectivities. For the nostalgia genres, in which cultural-historical connotations attached to media and their paradoxical juxtaposition are to the fore, rather than remediation we witness a pervasive intertextuality of media––an intermedial intertextuality. Since time enters richly into the genres’ materialist aesthetics, we take our findings to media archaeology and cultural techniques, finding both unequal to theorizing the relations between media, aesthetics and time.

The seminar is public, and we welcome everybody.


Programme: Aesthetic Seminars Spring 2018