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CT research seminar: Exploring the (unexplored?) landscape of private foundations in Denmark

Are you tired of applying for funding through the same funding programmes (as all your colleagues), and are you therefore looking for new ways to fund your project, parts of your project or a postdoc? If so CT has, in close collaboration with the Research Support Unit, organized a seminar on how to apply for research funding from private foundations with or without open calls.

2019.10.11 | Yasmin Marie Jensen

Date Mon 18 Nov
Time 13:00 15:15
Location Nobelparken (1485, 316)

The aim of the seminar is to explore practical experiences with how researchers can engage with these foundations: How to establish contact in a constructive way, how to negotiate the aim of the research project and how to close the deal? 

The program for the afternoon will consist of the following presentations that include the perspectives of the private foundation, the senior researcher and the junior researcher as well as introduce a database for matching project ideas with private foundations: 

  • Project manager Niels Olsen will present the dialogue based approach of Nordea Fonden and - using the project DELTAG as a case - elaborate on how the project partners discussed drafts and asked questions in an effort to develop a project that made sense for both Nordea Fonden and the academic and civil society partners involved.
  • Associate professor Andres Dobat represents an academic who established a fruitful connection with a very small foundation that rarely gives research grants and managed to create a project that Kroager Fonden was willing to fund.
  • PhD student Mette Schlütter will share her experiences with applying for research funding at EVG/Ældrefonden.
  • Research Librarian Pernille Hamburger Grøngaard will present the grant database Research Professional and provide practical help for searching strategies - so bring your laptop.


Please sign up for the event by sending an email to norcs@cc.au.dk before November 13.

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