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Archive vs. Newsfeed: A proposition for building alternative knowledge spaces from

Dr. Anat Ben-David, senior lecturer in the department of Sociology, Political Science and Communication at The Open University of Israel and co-founder of the Open University's Open Media and Information Lab

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Thursday 31 May 2018,  at 10:00 - 13:00

This workshop puts forward the notion of the searchable archive as a competing knowledge paradigm and a

means for circumventing Facebook’s algorithmic mediation of social and political on Facebook. It makes a

theoretical and methodological proposition for re-introducing archival logic to the study of ephemeral and

algorithmic social media. Such proposition attempts to replace Facebook's personalized and generative

knowledge regime with principles of universal knowledge and fixed data. Using examples from

Polibook.online, a research tool for analyzing politicians' discourse on Facebook, the workshop aims both to

illustrate the utility of such attempts to archive, re-organize and re-mediate Facebook data, as well as to

discuss their limits in "democratizing methods" or "liberating" users from the platform's constraints on what it

lets them 'know'.

This event is hosted by Centre for Internet Studies, AU. Please sign up for the workshop by sending an email

to Janne Nielsen (janne@cc.au.dk) no later than 22 May (seats are limited).