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Simon Skov Fougt


Associate Professor, Associate professor

Primary affiliation

Simon Skov Fougt

Areas of expertise

  • Reading
  • Multimodality
  • Scenario-based teaching
  • Technology
  • TPD

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Originally school teacher with majors in French and music (1998) and later Danish  L1(2001). I have a master's in curriculum studies in Danish L1 (2009) and has written a Ph.D. on teacher competence development, scenario-based teaching and IT (2015). Teacher 1998-2010, assistant and associated lecturer at teacher's college (2010-2012 and 2016-2019). Author of and consultant on a number of analogue and digital teaching materials for Dansh L1. See more at www.simon-skov-fougt.dk


I am the NRC (national research coordinator) for the international reading survey PIRLS, which examines pupils' reading in 4th grade. In addition, I am focused on h how the world outside school can be integrated into teaching through the so-called scenario-based teaching. Finally, I am interested in IT and technology, multimodality and teacher competence development.

Teaching activities

I primarily teach at the master's program in curriculem studies in Danish L1


I collaborate widely with both Danish and foreign universities, partly on reading and partly on scenario-based teaching. I am currently collaborating with Rudersdal Municipality on a study of the development of the joy of reading in primary and lower secondary school.

Selected publications

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