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Rithma Kreie Engelbreth Larsen


PhD Student

Primary affiliation

Rithma Kreie Engelbreth Larsen

Areas of expertise

  • Indigenous knowledges
  • History of science
  • Philosophy of nature and climate
  • Environmental history of ideas
  • Epistemic injustice

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I research developments within the history of climate and nature ideas since the 1970s following an increased inclusion of local knowledge forms, particularly Indigenous knowledge(s). I am interested in the conceptual and discursive relationship between biodiversity and climate as two larger idea formations very central to UN institutions like IPCC and IPBES, both of which increasingly utilize precisely Indigenous knowledges in their responses to the ecological crises.

Teaching activities

I have given guest lectures on the history of climate ideas - the differences between the local and the global scale, and on the relation between science and Indigenous knowledge; on newer approaches to the history of nature ideas, and on Donna Haraway's scholarship broadly, i.e. bridging recent eco-philosophical excursions and her earlier work within the history of science.

Job responsibilities

Further activities:

  • Editor-in-chief at Slagmark, the Danish Journal for History of Ideas.
  • Elected member of the PhD Committee of the Graduate School of Arts 2023 and 2024.
  • Member of the Sløk committee, organizing an annual lecture by an internationally recognized scholar with important contributions to the history of ideas.
    2022 Sløk lecturer: Naomi Oreskes
    2023 Sløk lecturer: Lorraine Daston
  • Instructor in the BA course 'The history of scientific and technological ideas' in 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023 (autumn semesters).

Selected publications

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Selected activities

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