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Tobias Dias

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I am an art and intellectual historian, theorist, and critic. My research concerns the history and theory of modern and contemporary art, aesthetics and the politics of knowledge in the 20th and 21st centuries. 

My work (individually and collectively) has been published in journals and magazines such as e-flux journal, Art-Agenda, Texte zur Kunst, Periskop, ARKEN Bulletin, Passepartout and kritische berichte.

I am also co-editor of the Nordic Journal of Aesthetics and a member of the extradisciplinary collective Organ for the Autonomous Sciences. In 2023, I curated the program series Experts of the Undercommons at Kunsthal Aarhus.

Current research:

I am currently working on the research project A Nameless Science: Art, Expertise, and Infrastructure, funded by the Novo Nordisk Foundation. In this project, I investigate how a number of artists have renegotiated their critical competencies and literacies in recent decades in their encounters with knowledge institutions such as the laboratory, the courtroom, the university and the hospital.

I am also working on completing a book manuscript (based on my PhD thesis) on the prehistory of 'artistic research'.

In addition, I am currently finishing a longer afterword to the Danish translation of Theodor W. Adorno's Aesthetic Theory.

Together with Maja Bak Herrie I am editing a questionnaire for Nordic Journal of Aesthetics titled "Aesthetics in the Age of Unreason".

I am also finalizing an anti-capitalist handbook that I have edited together with Kristoffer Balslev Willert. It will be published by Antipyrine in September.

In the fall of 2024, I will embark on a new research project in collaboration with Museum Jorn, supported by the New Carlsberg Foundation. The project title is "Who does art belong to? On the Collective, the Common and the Popular in Jorn and his context".

Selected publications

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