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New postdoc - Ida Anthonj Nissen

In the coming weeks, we will present some of the new colleagues here at the Department of Media and Journalism Studies. In this week: Ida Anthonj Nissen.

24.11.2020 | Benjamin Andreassen

Ida (b. 1985) is one of the newest colleagues here at Department of Media and Journalism Studies. She has the title as Postdoc and is currently working on an EU-sponsored project called ‘Next Generation Internet’. A project, where the aim is to make the internet a positive and secure space for communication by involving citizens in the process.

Ida’s task is to detect trending topics within internet technology by analyzing social media discussions. These trends and their potential social consequences then inform the partners in the project, who advice on policy making such that the internet is inclusive and citizen oriented.

Background and education  

Ida grew up in Sønderjylland as part of the German minority. She has studied Biophysics in Copenhagen and took an Erasmus semester in Lisbon – an exciting challenge. For her research master in Neuroscience, she went to Amsterdam and stayed there for 10 years before moving back to Denmark.

When not at work at university, Ida likes to read books. Furthermore, she is interested in sports and has previously played handball.

Interests in media studies

Ida’s primary interest in media studies is communication on social media platforms. Furthermore, she is interested in social networks, as she worked with network theory as the framework for her PhD project. In neuroscience, she was most interested in the methods for data analysis and is now also excited to learn about the methods in natural language processing.

To the question why she chose Aarhus University, she answers:

"Aarhus University has a good reputation and is also visible internationally. When I started, I was very impressed that my working place was already set up, I got shown around by our head of the department and that everything was waiting for me, ready to start."

As Ida points out, she has switched fields and is still looking for how it will turn out. No matter what, her goal is to deliver results of high quality.

We would like to warmly welcome Ida here at Aarhus University.

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