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New Associate Professor - Alan O'Leary

In the coming weeks, we will present some of the new colleagues here at the Department of Media and Journalism Studies. In this week: Alan O'Leary.

14.01.2021 | Benjamin Andreassen

Alan O’Leary (b. 1968) is the department’s newly appointed Associate Professor in Film and Media in Digital Contexts. Alan is currently writing a manifesto for a parametric/constraint-based approach to scholarship and making a ‘deformative’ videoessay called ‘Men Shouting’, about films on the 2008 financial crisis.

Background and education 

Alan is Irish and grew up in Cork City, the second largest city in Ireland. He attended art college in Dartington College of Arts in England, and later did a bachelor's degree in English and Italian at Trinity College in Dublin. In Cambridge, Alan did his master's degree and PhD. Alan worked at the University of Leeds from 2005 and became Professor in Film and Cultural Studies in 2017. When not at work at university, Alan is a long-term yoga practitioner and qualified teacher.

Interests in media studies

Alan states that he has three areas of interest in media studies: Videographic criticism, Film and history and Practice research. On Videographic criticism, he says:

“Videographic criticism, meaning audiovisual analysis as a research and dissemination tool, often in the form of videoessays. I am especially excited about the possibilities of ‘deformative criticism’—a playful approach to film analysis that creates a new aesthetic object from the material being analysed.”

Aarhus University as a workplace

When we ask why he has chosen Aarhus University as his workplace, it is the department's dynamic environment that attracts him. That research and teaching keep pace with evolving media landscapes is a strength that Alan appreciates. In addition, he says, "I really like the work of interdisciplinary research groups and centers like Uses of the Past and Interacting Minds.”

In his role in MedJour, Alan hopes to develop his interests in ambitious ways in an exciting intellectual environment with expert colleagues and motivated students.

We would like to warmly welcome Alan here at Aarhus University.

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