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Guest researcher Juan Francisco Gutiérrez Lozano at CTMR

Juan Francisco Gutiérrez Lozano
Juan Francisco Gutiérrez Lozano

Spanish professor Juan Francisco Gutiérrez Lozano has been a guest researcher at the Centre for Transnational Media Research in August 2021. As senior lecturer in Journalism at the University of Málaga, his research interests include Television Studies, Audience research, Television History and Broadcast Journalism. He is a member of the editorial board of ‘VIEW: Journal of European Television History and Culture’ and director of the ‘Production and circulation of media content’ section of the Spanish Association of Communication Research (AE-IC). Gutiérrez Lozano is also an affiliated partner of the Center for Transnational Media Research.

During his two weeks research stay, Gutiérrez Lozano (Chair of ECREA Television Studies) and the two directors of the center, Susanne Eichner and Pia Majbritt Jensen, had the opportunity to discuss current and future research and research collaborations, work on a book anthology, and prepare a shared conference submission. Beyond the collaboration with the center, Gutiérrez Lozano participated in ongoing activities and meetings of the department, hosted by Head of Department Prof. Anne Marit Waade, and took the opportunity to meet with other staff members of the Department of Media Studies and Journalism of Aarhus University.

Juan Francisco Gutiérrez Lozano also used his research stay to continue is ongoing research: he has shared and worked on some current lines of his academic work, especially the ongoing project ‘JUVEN-TV: New Consumption vs. Old Stereotypes. Audience research on the Spanish youth perceptions of their current TV representations’ (CSO2017-85483-R), funded by the Spanish Government, where he is co-principal researcher. Future possible collaborations with colleagues from Aarhus University, related both to transnational media research projects and international exchanges have also been part of his work during his visiting period.