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Coworking about future research programs and the common research environment

On a sunny day in May colleagues from the department of Digital Design and Information Studies were brought together for a one-day HIT seminar - a day filled with learning, sharing, and connecting, located at Kaløvig hotel in Skødstrup.

The seminar's objectives were to lay a strong foundation for future research programs and cultivate a cohesive research environment. This involved reflection on research work practice by sharing experiences, discussing, and envisioning research impact, and evaluating and developing specific goals and ways of organizing the future programs 💬💡. Kaløvig framed the day beautifully with informal discussions colleague to colleague.  

The day kicked off with a warm welcome over morning coffee before diving into the first theme of the seminar: Sharing research work practice. Colleagues from various disciplines presented thoughts and experiences prior to group discussions. These discussions focused on exploring the intricacies of research work practices. Participants shared their experiences, revealing their typical research routines, personal struggles, and the moments that made them feel fulfilled and accomplished 🔀🧩. Collaborative research practices were examined, uncovering the costs and benefits of working together. The seminar aimed to create an atmosphere where researchers could learn from one another and celebrate the diversity of approaches within our department.

With the second theme, "Re-claiming impact and research evaluation," we reflected on the significance of their work and its broader influence. Thought-provoking questions were raised: How do we define impact? What makes a researcher successful in society? Engaging in a "walk 'n' talk" session, attendees discussed the current and future landscape of research evaluation, identifying both the positive aspects and areas for improvement.  

The final theme, "Future organization," aimed to shape the vision for our research programs. We explored how we would like programs to be organized, identifying goals, activities, and collective responsibilities. Emphasizing the strength in diversity, discussions revolved around supporting different working styles and leveraging differences to fuel innovation and excellence.