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COVID E-Lit - digital art from the pandemic

We are looking forward to launching the COVID E-Lit exhibition on Saturday, May 1, 2021 as part of the ELO 2021 Platform (Post?) Pandemic Arts program.

The online exhibition is taking shape, and Jason Nelson, Irene Fabbri, Carlota Salvador Megias, Ashleigh Steele, and all the others on our team working to pull the show together are nearly finished with their work. We are grateful to everyone on the team, and look forward to a great show that is particularly reflective of our present moment.

We are planning a virtual opening of the exhibition on Saturday, May 1, at 20.00 CEST (Aarhus/Bergen time). The opening will offer a chance for the artists to give short presentations of their works, and will be posted thereafter on the exhibition site itself.

All are invited to attend. Please register for the live event at https://uib.zoom.us/.../u5Mrc-qgpzMiEtGE6iowAIz_v0rSDkS7GZV6 to get the Zoom.

The COVID E-Lit exhibition is sponsored by DARIAH-EU as an aspect of the Electronic Literature (e-lit) and Covid-19 research project, and is part of the 2021 ELO Conference and Media Arts Festival: Platform (Post?) Pandemic.