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Beatrice Fazi: Aesthetics, Computation, Ontology

Aesthetic Seminar

26.08.2019 | Yasmin Marie Jensen

Dato tor 28 nov
Tid 14:15 17:00
Sted Kasernen, Aarhus University, Langelandsgade 139, Aarhus C, Building 1584, Room 124

In this lecture, Fazi wants to argue for the necessity to approach the relationship between aesthetics and computation from an ontological perspective so as to tackle, philosophically, the discrepancy between the continuity of perception and sensation on the one hand, and the discreteness of digital technologies on the other. According to her proposed view, aesthetics concerns creation and reality’s potential for self-actualization. In this lecture, she will demonstrate that aesthetics is a viable mode of addressing computing precisely because such potential is inherent to the axiomatic, discrete, and formal structures of computation. Drawing from her recent monograph Contingent Computation (2018), she will contend that an ontological reconceptualization of formal abstraction in computation is necessary, and that through such a reconceptualization it becomes possible to uncover, within the discreteness of computational formalisms, an indeterminacy that would make computing aesthetic qua inherently generative.  

The seminar is public, and we welcome everybody. 

Programme: Aesthetic Seminar Autumn 2019

Seminar, Afd. for Digital Design og Informationsvidenskab, Kunsthistorie, Æstetik & Kultur og Museologi, Contemporary Aesthetics and Technology