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Grant from Carlsbergfondet

Associate Professor Clemens Nylandsted Klokmose has been granted “Distinguished Associate Professor Fellowship” from Carlsbergfondet.

The grant is DKK 4.1 mio. during af 3-year period from 1 September 2018 to 31 August 2021. 

The project is called“Literate Computing for Computational Thinking”.

Description (ultra-short):
The global push towards computational thinking envisions a future where everyone can express themselves by programming. Today, using programs and creating programs are two very different activities. Programming an interactive simulation within a physics report written in Microsoft Word is practically impossible. Furthermore, the means to reprogram or adapt software to individual needs is completely inaccessible. Even expert programmers’ access is restricted. This is a structural disempowerment of computer users and a fundamental barrier to the applicability of computational thinking in everyday use of computers.

Literate computing, an approach to computing found in interactive notebooks (such as Jupyter, jupyter.org), allows for embedding executable program code into documents. We have developed a state of the art literate computing platform Codestrates (codestrates.org) that we will use as the experimental platform to address the research question of how can tools based on literate computing enable computational thinking in collaborative activities in education and knowledge work better than traditional tools?