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Dr. Christoph Draxler: Percy – A Tool for web-based perception experiments

Guest lecture

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Thursday 23 March 2023,  at 10:15 - 11:00


Building 1481, room 324

Abstract: Percy is a web-based tool for acoustic perception experiments. It supports both the standard HTML input elements as well as customized elements such as semantic differentials, analog visual scales, or timed elements. Behind the scenes, it provides several timers to allow precise time measurements within an experiment session, both sequential and random presentation of stimuli, and access to a relational database on the server side. In this talk I will present the structure of the Percy system and provide insights into the adaptations necessary for the current perceptual training experiments with native Danish speakers.

All are welcome!

Dr. Draxler’s visit is sponsored by the research unit Language Acquisition and Language Didactics and by the DFF2 grant Perceptual Flexibility in Old Age: Effect of Training on Speech Perception

Contact: ocke.bohn@cc.au.dk