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Rebekka Boyding


PhD Student

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Rebekka Boyding

Areas of expertise

  • Creative Writing
  • Artistic Research
  • Creativity
  • Literature
  • Literary theory

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Based on The VELUX Foundations' Writers-in-Residence Program, I am studying how authors can be integrated within The Humanities in a way that is mutually beneficial, what knowledge arises in the meeting between researchers and authors, and what artistic knowledge is.

In addition to being a PhD student, I myself am a stage director, playwright, author and singer/songwriter. I have written and directed a number of plays and performing arts works, published poems and fiction texts in magazines, anthologies, book publications, in publications for cultural institutions, have been selected for competitions as a songwriter, toured and much more.

The inter-aesthetic plays a significant role in both my art and my research, where my own artistic work is of crucial importance.

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