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Scholarships for student exchange visits 

Students from non-Nordic countries are eligible for a Nordplus scholarship. The criterion is that the non-Nordic student is enrolled in a full MA-programme at an institution included in the Nordplus Network for Media and Communication. The student must NOT be an exchange or visiting student having credits transferred to a programme at hers/his home institution. In other words: your own students - whatever nationality and citizenship they may have - are eligible for a Nordplus scholarship. 

MA students have priority - and: scholarships are given for a maximum of five months (one semester), not for a whole year. BA students are of course welcome to apply. (see below).

BA-students in their 2. or 3. year and MA-students can be nominated. Before the nomination is sent to the coordinator (Mathias Bonde Korsgaard, Aarhus University), you must have an acceptance of the exchange from the receiving institution. 

Please be aware of the deadlines for application for housing and enrolment at the host universities. If you have reached an agreement with the host university about a Nordplus exchange visit for a student from your department, but not yet sent a nomination to Aarhus University - or received confirmation from Aarhus University, we suggest that these students should apply for housing and enrolment according to the local deadlines. 

Applications for student/Faculty (Express mobility – short term visits) 

What kind of activities can be considered: 

• it could be for a special seminar or short course for one or two weeks. An example: a teacher at the University of Southern Denmark and a colleague at the University of Greenland arrange two intensive seminars - one week in the fall semester in Greenland and one week in the spring semester in Denmark. Each teacher will bring 4-8 students - and both will teach at each other’s seminars. The Nordplus network will cover travel expenses - and if in general also daily allowances for teachers and students. 

Please note: Exchange of teachers is only possible for short term visits (max. 5 working days or at least 8 hours of teaching. We encourage you to use this possibility, since it can stimulate more student exchange - and open up for other kinds of cooperation between Nordic universities. 

You must send a short description of the planned activity, and nomination forms for faculty and/or students to Mathias Bonde Korsgaard (mbk@cc.au.dk)

Link to Nordplus: http://www.nordplusonline.org/