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CDMM holds first workshop on Researching Youtube 10 March 2021

Youtube is an important platform for international audiences of all kinds to consume, produce, comment on and network audio-visual content. In this three-hour workshop we want to present an overview of possible research approaches to using data in media and journalism studies. Based on project ideas, we will present, discuss and try out different strategies for archiving Youtube videos, metadata and user comments. The aim of the workshop is to make digital methods for Youtube content accessible and usable in a research and teaching context.

Date & Time: Wednesday, 10 March 2021, 13:00-16:00

Workhop Leads: Niels Brügger and Christoph Raetzsch


13:00-14:00 Introduction: Niels & Christoph

Presentation of Research Cases

  • Teke Ngomba, Associate Professor, Dept. of Media and Journalism Studies: More Daniel Dale! This was awesome’: An Analysis of Popular Discourses about Fact- Checking in the Context of the 2020 US Elections
  • Cathrin Helen Bengesser, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Media and Journalism Studies: YouTube as an entry-way into transnational TV cultures 

14:10-14:40 Archiving YouTube

  • Niels Brügger & Christoph Raetzsch: Strategies for archiving YouTube websites/-pages, videos and user comments


  • Developing Strategies for the Research Cases: Co-Creation exercise


  • [Centre Members only] Future CDMM events and interests