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Recreational Fear Lab

  • Research unit dedicated to the scientific investigation of frightening leisure activities

Recreational Fear Lab is a research unit dedicated to the scientific investigation of frightening leisure activities.

Fear is commonly understood to be a negative emotion – an unpleasant emotion you’d prefer to avoid, and one that diminishes your well-being. However, fear can also be an engine in a range of leisure activities, from toddlers being play-chased by caretakers to movie audiences screaming in delight at a horror movie.

The recreational fear lab investigates the conditions under which fear can be fun, social, and inherently meaningful. We use a range of empirical methods and techniques to conduct this investigation. If you are interested in participating in our research (as a collaborator, research assistant, or participant), please get in touch.

The lab’s research activities are funded by a generous grant from the Independent Research Fund Denmark in the period 2020-2023.

12.10.2020 | Navne

Visiting researcher: Coltan Scrivner

Meet the behavioral scientist and morbid curiosity expert Coltan Scrivner, who is visiting researcher with the lab in October of 2020. Coltan heads our haunted house research project.

05.10.2020 | Navne

Meet the Staff: Marc Malmdorf Andersen, Assistant Professor

Lab member Marc Malmdorf Andersen shares his enthusiasm for the science of recreational fear ... and reveals his uneasy relationship with scary entertainment.

17.09.2020 | Navne

Meet the Interns: Marie Søndergaard

The Recreational Fear Lab is delighted to host two research interns in the fall of 2020. In this post, lab intern Marie Søndergaard tells us about herself and her interest in the lab.