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Recreational Fear Lab is a research unit dedicated to the scientific investigation of frightening leisure activities.

Fear is commonly understood to be a negative emotion – an unpleasant emotion you’d prefer to avoid, and one that diminishes your well-being. However, fear can also be an engine in a range of leisure activities, from toddlers being play-chased by caretakers to movie audiences screaming in delight at a horror movie.

The recreational fear lab investigates the conditions under which fear can be fun, social, and inherently meaningful. We use a range of empirical methods and techniques to conduct this investigation. If you are interested in participating in our research (as a collaborator, research assistant, or participant), please get in touch.

The lab’s research activities are funded by a generous grant from the Independent Research Fund Denmark in the period 2020-2023 as well as a genrous grant from the Innovation Fund Denmark in 2022.