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Louis Hjelmslev and Eli Fischer-Jørgensen

Eli Fischer-Jørgensen (1911-2010) was with great certainty one of Hjelmslev’s most important partners to have discussions with. She was a woman who really managed to challenge Hjelmslev’s language theory in a sharp manner. She was a student of L. L. Hammerich (1892-1975) who was a professor in German, and in many ways, she continued using his practical-analytical approach on language. She has been characterized as the person who could make Hjelmslev quite happy and also enormously frustrated due to her critical fashion of challenging his academic work and reflections.

Fischer-Jørgensen was a professor in Linguistics at the University of Copenhagen and a member of the Linguistic Circle. She was an important character in the discussions of the Linguistic Circle; even though, she never really identified herself as being a glossematic academic.