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23.09.2020 | Forskning

Exploring special web archives collections related to COVID-19: The case of BnL

Fourth issue of WARCnet Papers is now online and accessible.

23.08.2020 | Forskning

Keynote speakers and registration for the Luxembourg meeting 2020

The WARCnet Luxembourg meeting's keynote speakers are now official and registration is now open.

20.08.2020 | Forskning

WARCnet Papers: Valérie Schafer

Third issue of WARCnet Papers by Valérie Schafer et al. is now online and accessible.


10.06.2020 | Forskning

Aarhus Conference 2021

The last WARCnet meeting and conference in Aarhus, November 3-5 2021

10.06.2020 | Forskning

London 2021

WARCnet Spring meeting in London, April 20-22 2021

10.06.2020 | Forskning

Luxembourg 2020

WARCnet Autumn meeting in Luxembourg, November 4-6 2020

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