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Short-Term Network Stays

Short-Term Network Stays

Supporting researchers participating in WARCnet 

All WARCnet members are eligible to apply for funding for Short-Term Network Stays (STNS). These are intended to support research and knowledge exchange among the members of the network through short-term visits. STNS should involve the hosting of a researcher, web archivist or technologist by a participating research institution and/or web archive. Applicants may apply for funding to cover the costs of travel and accommodation for up to five days.

Applicants for STNS should submit a proposal of no more than 1000 words which includes:

  • details of the host institution(s), including a named contact for each institution listed;
  • a description of the research, training or knowledge exchange that will be undertaken during the visit;
  • a statement of the value of the visit to the applicant’s research and/or professional development;
  • a breakdown of the cost of travel and accommodation for the visit.

Applications should be accompanied by a letter of support from each of the named host institutions, on headed paper. Awards will not be made retrospectively.

Applications will be considered 3 times a year, in June, October and February, by a Short-Term Network Stays Review Committee, which has been elected by the WARCnet Steering Group. The members of the Committee are Sally Chambers, Sophie Gebeil and Valérie Schafer.

Successful applicants will be expected to give a short presentation about their Short-Term Network Stay at the WARCnet project meeting following their visit, and to submit an essay for the WARCnet Papers series describing their stay. Read more about WARCnet Papers here. Application should be emailed to warcnet@cc.au.dk.