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WARCnet closes 31 August 2023

WARCnet closes 31 August 2023. Read more about where to find archived versions of the website.

The WARCnet project ends 31 August 2023.

The project website will remain online for at least two years from closing date, but will not be updated. The website has been preserved in the US based Internet Archive (archive.org) as well as in the Portuguese web archive Arquivo.pt, where it is freely available, including all WARCnet Papers, and WARCnet Special Reports.

Also, a copy is downloaded by the UK Web Archive at the British Library where it is available in the Web Archives and Digital Preservation subsection of the IT Collection (https://www.webarchive.org.uk/en/ukwa/collection/520).

All embedded videos and presentations from network meetings and from the closing conference have been uploaded to Zenodo, the community 'WARCnet', https://zenodo.org/communities/warcnet.