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Meet the Interns: Sofie Vittrup

The Recreational Fear Lab is delighted to host several research interns in the fall of 2023. In this post, lab intern Sofie Vittrup tells us about herself and her interest in the lab.

Hi, my name is Sofie, and I am really excited to join the team at the Recreational Fear Lab this semester! I am currently doing my MA in English at Aarhus University.

On my 5th semester of my bachelor’s degree, I took a course on recreational fear (which I also wrote my bachelor’s thesis on), and this was what really piqued my interest in the world of horror. What interested me most was the paradoxical nature of the subject – why do we purposely seek out experiences that are meant to frighten us and make us uncomfortable? Having the opportunity to work with the lab and find out more about this subject is something I am looking very much forward to. I have previously had the pleasure to volunteer as a research assistant with the lab during their excursions to Dystopia Haunted House in Vejle, where I have had a lot of fun helping the lab collect data used to answer all kinds of questions about the nature and appeal of horror entertainment.

Since taking a course on recreational fear, I have come to really love horror movies – the scarier the better! One of my roommate and I’s favourite pastimes is doing hours-long horror movie marathons with the lights off and the curtains drawn to properly immerse ourselves in the experience. Since I’ve only started watching horror movies within the last couple of years, there was quite a long list to get through (and I’m still working on it). A few of my favourites so far include The Conjuring and Hereditary.

I am looking forward to seeing what exciting stuff the lab will get up to within the next few months!