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Meet the Interns: Sofie Thinggaard

The Recreational Fear Lab is delighted to host several research interns in the fall of 2023. In this post, lab intern Sofie Thinggaard tells us about herself and her interest in the lab.

Hi! My name is Sofie. I am currently doing my MA in English and I am looking forward to intern at the Recreational Fear Lab this semester.

I used to be a terrible wimp of a child and young teenager when it came to anything horror related. I remember once at a birthday party, we watched Insidious and I swore off engaging with anything horror related forever. However, this changed as I grew older. I have always been a huge book lover, and one day, I decided to pick up a thriller book, which became my gateway into also loving horror books. I have since been branching out into seeking all the jump scare and goosebump inducing media.

Today, I have no problem with watching, experiencing, or reading horror. I find it very interesting to see people’s reactions to horror, and I am especially interested in why people are afraid of, yet fascinated by, specific monsters.

So, when I found out that I had the opportunity to enroll in a course about recreational fear, I did not hesitate to pick it. The course, and the subsequent opportunities to become a research assistant at Dystopia Haunted House and Viborg Horror Run, really piqued my interest in the lab, and I asked to intern with the hope of learning more about the relationship between fear and fun.