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  • A network researching Scandinavian museums’ impact on Cultural Sustainability

De Young Museum, San Francisco. Photo: Mia Falch Yates

The CultureSustain network aims to bring researchers in Denmark, Norway and Sweden together to exchange knowledge and experience about how the museums in their countries contribute to cultural sustainability in society. The network’s activities are grounded on the constitutive hypothesis that museums’ core tasks have an impact on cultural sustainability and therefore our overall research question is: How can cultural sustainability be used theoretically and methodologically as a cultural political parameter for identifying this impact? According to international research, cultural sustainability adds a fourth dimension to the three traditional dimensions of sustainability (economic, social and environmental). The term is by no means unambiguous but can be understood as the adhesive that binds the other three dimensions together.

Network Coordinator

The project is funded by The Danish Council for Independent Research from September 1, 2022 to August 31, 2025