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Research network in Denmark

The Danish Nineteenth-Century Research Network was established in the autumn of 2014. There are about 75 participants from universities and museums (primarily in Denmark). The participants represent fields such as history, art history, comparative literature, German, English, Scandinavian studies, religion and ethnography. Museums of art and cultural history are also represented. The network’s participants meet 3-4 times a year for seminars at which they present their work in progress and share their knowledge of current research projects and projects of dissemination. 

The objectives of the research network are to make the 19th century relevant today and to bring together researchers from a variety of academic fields and institutions. The network is open to anyone with an interest in research into the 19th century.

The research network has a steering committee which organises seminars and external activities. If you would like to participate in the work of the network, please contact us

Steering committee/ working group

Lis Møller, associate professor, comparative literature, Aarhus University

Katrine Frøkjær Baunvig, associate professor, Aarhus University

Lone Kølle Martinsen, seniorforsker, Grundtvig Centret, AU   

Gertrud Oelsner, director, The Hirschsprung Collection

Kim Simonsen, førsteamanuensis, University in Bergen, Norway

Sine Krogh, ph.d. stipendiat, Aarhus University   

Ida Susanne Bangert, postdoc, Aarhus University

Rasmus Glenthøj, associate professor, history, University of Southern Denmark

Henrik Johnsson, førsteamanuensis, Department of Language and Culture, University in Tromsø, Norway    

Participants in the research network

Danmark / Denmark


AU = Aarhus Universitet/Aarhus University/DK (IKK = Institut for Kommunikation og Kultur/School of Communication and Culture), (IKS = Institut for Kultur og Samfund/School of Culture and Society)

KU = Københavns Universitet/University of Copenhagen/DK

SDU = Syddansk Universitet/University of Southern Denmark/DK