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Nordic Research Network

About the network

The Nordic 19th Century Research Network is a new cross-disciplinary initiative founded with a view to make the 19th century relevant today and bring together Nordic researchers from various academic fields and institutions. The initiative is the result of dialogue meetings with Nordic researchers in the autumn of 2016.

The Nordic network primarily consists of participants from Norwegian, Swedish and Danish universities and museums, but we also have participants from the UK, Germany, the Netherlands etc. We are now seeking to include researchers from the other Nordic countries as well.

The network’s participants share knowledge about research interests and projects through the website and newsletters. The network meets at an bi-annual seminar held in different Nordic countries by turn. The first seminar was held in Denmark at Schäffergaarden near Copenhagen 4-5 December 2017.

The Nordic network is open to anyone with an interest in research into the 19th century. Network events are conducted in the Nordic languages.