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WARCnet Papers

WARCnet Papers is a series of papers related to the activities of the WARCnet network. WARCnet Papers publishes keynotes, interviews, round table discussions, presentations, extended minutes, reports, white papers, status reports, and similar. To ensure the relevance of the publications, WARCnet Papers strives to publish with a rapid turnover. The WARCnet Papers series is edited by Niels Brügger, Jane Winters, Valérie Schafer, Kees Teszelszky, Sofie Flensburg, Peter Webster and Michael Kurzmeier. In cases where a WARCnet Paper has gone through a process of single blind review, this is mentioned in the individual publication. ISSN 2597-0615.

This publication starts by briefly introducing the prehistory of the researcher network WARCnet, ’Web ARChive studies network researching web domains and events’. Then follows an overview of the network, including a network analysis of the relations between network participants, and an outline of the planned network activities. The publication is rounded off by an epilogue.