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The WARCnet network: The first year

The next issue of WARCnet Papers is now online and accessible.

The new publication of WARCnet Papers - a series of papers related to the activities of the WARCnet network - is now official and public. WARCnet Papers publishes keynotes, interviews, round table discussions, presentations, extended minutes, reports, white papers, status reports, and similar.

This issue is written by Niels Brügger with the title: The WARCnet network: The first year. This WARCnet Paper provides an overview of the WARCnet network's organisation and of the network's different activities in 2020, including dissemination of results.

The WARCnet Papers series is edited by Niels Brügger, Jane Winters, Valérie Schafer, Kees Teszelszky, Peter Webster and Michael Kurzmeier.

Click here to read the new issue.