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Aarhus Spring 2021

The Spring meeting 2021 took place online, and was organised by Aarhus University, April 20-22 2021. 

Click here to view the programme. Both keynotes were open to the wider public. Registration was mandatory for both keynotes and the meeting. 


Emily Maemura

Tuesday 20 April 15:30-16:30 (CEST): Keynote by Emily Maemura, PhD Candidate at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Information, Canada.

Title: Towards an Infrastructural Description of Archived Web Data


Recent efforts in the web archiving community have focused on supporting researcher engagement through building new tools and interfaces to access collections. As focus shifts from browsing the Wayback interface to the ‘big data’ analysis of WARC files, new frameworks are needed to understand the systems and processes that generated these datasets. This talk explores how to describe and characterize archived web data, as well as the systems that generate that data. Different modes of description are compared, such as characterizing data through statistical analysis and summary reports, contrasted with methods for describing the histories, organizational policies, relationships, system migrations, and other catalyzing events that shape web archives. Future directions are explored, outlining how a holistic description might support research uses by describing data through these multiple modes and at varying scales.

Keynote speaker Wednesday 21 April

David Giaretta

Wednesday 21 April, 9:30-10:30 (CEST): Keynote by David Giaretta, Lead author of the OAIS Reference Model and ISO 16363.

Title: Correct application of OAIS to the preservation of websites and things that they may contain.


When attempting to preserve digitally encoded information many aspects have been ignored without much thought and apparently without immediate, identifiable harm to preservation. But these aspects must at least be considered, especially since the information we need to preserve, things which affect our lives in so many ways, are becoming more complex.

The OAIS Reference Model is often presented in a very misleading way and has been misunderstood as being unnecessarily complex. This presentation is aimed at dispelling these misconceptions, showing the simplicity and beauty of the OAIS model and how it should be applied, and explaining the advantages of doing so correctly.

These ideas are then be applied to the preservation of websites, databases and other objects of interest.

The presentation is rounded off by describing a new standard which has been developed to guide the collection of the various types of “metadata” required for preservation of the results of a project, no matter how small or great.


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