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Outreach activities

As generative language models play an increasingly important role in daily life and work, we view outreach and knowledge exchange as a key social responsibility of CLAI. CLAI co-directors and core members regularly give interviews and talks to academic departments, student groups, industry stakeholders, and members of the public.

If your organization would like to request a statement, interview, or to host a speaker from CLAI, please contact Pascale Moreira at: pascale.moreira@cc.au.dk.


  • AI Denmark podcast with Mads Rosendahl Thomsen, Rebekah Baglini, and Kristoffer Nielbo

  • Centre for Educational Development, AU


  • Department of Hepatology and Gastroenterology, AU

  • Department of Physics and Astronomy, AU

  • Department of Psychology, AU

  • Friis & Moltke Architects

  • Grundforskningscenter ECONOVO, AU

  • IT-Vest

  • Reception and knowledge sharing at AIAS

  • Statens Museum for Kunst (internal seminar)

  • VIA University College

  • Åby library