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Wired interview with Morten H. Christiansen

Wired interviewed CLAI member Morten H. Christiansen, professor at Cornell and Aarhus University, in the context of defining generative AI policies at Universities...

Morten H. Christiansen speaking on AI policy in education at the CLAI opening reception on September 20

Morten H. Christiansen is a member of the Cornell committee that recently published a report on how generative AI should be approached by the faculty. The report adressed issues of biases and misinformation possibly propagated with AI tools, as well as copyright issues, how such tools may encourage cheating or deprive students of basic learning skills. Still, while generative AI tools present new challenges in education, they also bring opportunities with them.

In a new interview with Wired, Christiansen also stresses how we might view this time of AI policy-making in education as a transformative moment and opportunity to think over what we mean by education and what our expectations should be:  "It is also an opportunity for instructors to revisit and potentially rethink what it is they want students to learn in their courses and how student learning might be best evaluated".

Read the full interview here: https://www.wired.cz/clanky/dangerous-or-not-how-universities-deal-with-new-ai-tools