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About the Centre

The centre aims to provide a sustainable and permanent environment for interdisciplinary and international voice research with many applications.

If we as researchers working on voice truly want to understand vocal variation and the functions of this variation, not only do we need pockets of interdisciplinary research, but these pockets also need to communicate with one another. The overarching aim of the centre is to encourage and facilitate such information exchange.

The primary interests of many researchers working with voices concern the signalling potentials of the human voice, that is, how the voice can be expressive of the feelings, personalities, and backgrounds of different speakers. This is in itself a highly interdisciplinary area, which requires a strong network of experts from a rich pool of disciplines. The centre intends to provide a hub for researchers interested in these but also other aspects of voices.

We truly hope that a well-functioning network of voice experts is likely to facilitate publications, including through international collaboration, and that such a network presents a focal point for the organisation of interdisciplinary research grant applications.

The centre has emerged with the aim to help each other out, learn from each other, and inspire each other.