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Critical Data Studies

Critical Data Studies is the supplementary subject offered to students of Arts Faculty at AU, who want to study the growing role of data and related practices in our contemporary culture. The supplementary subject focuses on four main areas of study: Curating Data, Data Subjects, Datafication of Society, and Alternative Data Futures. Lecturers on the program are also the members of the Centre for Critical Data Practices and teaching is research-led and often directly related to data practices and projects of our members.

Data and Digital Culture

The course Digital and Data Culture is an obligatory course offered to students of 1st semester of MA in Digital Design.

The content of the course combines theory of digital culture with specific examples and critical and experimental practice: Through methods of collecting, processing and presenting data (e.g. visualisation, sonication, text processing), the students will examine the significance of data for, for instance, identity creation, privacy, consumption management and monitoring, sustainability etc., and the students will explore new ways of using data.