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Research projects

Digital Citizenship and AI Image Practices

The purpose of the project is to 1): Investigate how new image practices, driven by artificial intelligence, can play different roles in developing citizenship; and 2): To use these insights as foundation for developing a larger application on research in visual, digital citizenship. Through 2023, the project conducts four artist-driven workshops with different external partners, a joint seminar, and a final writing workshop.

The project is generously funded with 100,000 DKK by SHAPE – Shaping Digital Citizenship, https://shape.au.dk/en/

NEW VISIONS: Image cultures in the era of AI

Dec. 2022 – Dec. 2026

The research project ‘NEW VISIONS: Image cultures in the era of AI’ investigates how vision and image analysis in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) informs and changes cultural understandings and uses of images.

The project explores two overall questions: What aesthetic and epistemological consequences do new AI image practices have? and further, how do these consequences manifest themselves in a broader cultural and societal context? The primary activity of analyzing cultural implications is conducted by comparing humanistic knowledge on vision and images with new practices in AI vision.

More specifically, the research project provides thorough humanistic analyses of how the current technical redistribution of what is visible/invisible, viewer/viewed, image creator/consumer in contemporary AI vision practices relates to cultural redistributions of who has the power to look, decide what we look for, suggest how we act as objects of new gazes, and how we create and use images.

‘NEW VISIONS: Image cultures in the era of AI’ is generously funded with 2MM DKK by Aarhus University Research Foundation (https://auff.au.dk/en) and runs Dec. 2022 – Dec. 2026. The project is carried out by Lotte Philipsen (PI) and two postdocs (to be announced after an open call).