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The meaningful conversation about careers, future dreams, relevant challenges, and DDINF competencies


Career Space is a career event for students in Digital Design and Information Studies. Companies, students, and researchers come together for an afternoon at Katrinebjerg to discuss competencies, professional knowledge, job opportunities, internships, thesis collaborations, and career paths.

The day includes a TWO-minutes-SPACE session where the program and participating companies are introduced. Afterward, the space is open, allowing students to engage with companies on an equal footing. The event promotes collaboration between students and the business community, which can lead to opportunities for part-time jobs, internships, or thesis collaborations.

Furthermore, students can receive guidance from Student Counseling and Arts Career during the event.

The benefits of Career Space?


Career Space enables students to...

  • Be inspired by companies' challenges.
  • Experience exciting talks on current topics between companies and researchers.
  • Speak and network with company representatives in the exhibition areas.

Career Space enables companies to...

  • Find their next student assistant, intern, or future colleague.
  • Gain insight into the trends and developments in education and research.
  • Inspire students towards new exciting career paths.


Find the events for Career Space 2024 right here - both on Facebook and LinkedIn


Do you have any questions or would you like to learn more about CAREER SPACE 2024?

Contact department leader, Morten Breinbjerg, at afdelingsleder.ddinf@cc.au.dk.


Career Space 2023 took place on Wednesday the 15th of March. Here you can find an overview of the programme and also the participating companies from 2023. You can look at pictures and you can listen to the "talks" hosted on the day. 

You can also find an overview of the many job advertisements from the participating companies, collected throughout the day. 


Pictures from CAREER SPACE 2023 📸

Selected images from Career Space 2023
Photos: Peter Hedegård Madsen, AU

TALKS 2023

Here you can listen to the three TALKS that were held at Career Space 2023. The students had the opportunity to hear the companies' perspectives on academically relevant topics, where representatives from the companies, along with university researchers, engaged in professional discussions on a relevant subject.

The talks introduced a fresh format that aimed to highlight the academic challenges faced by companies, where students could provide input and experience the relevance of their skills in finding solutions. The objective was to inspire collaborations, whether in exam assignments or future career opportunities.

Listen to them here and get inspired!

Talk No. 1: "Scaling the UX Research Discipline at Grundfos" by Jonas Frich Pedersen.

Talk No. 2: "Responsible and Sustainable Technology Development" by Christian Dindler.

Talk No. 3: "Robots and Automation in Healthcare" by Peter Danholt.